Sunday, May 16, 2010

Desert Lighthouse

Well the only reason I would know to have a lighthouse in the desert is to
turn it into a water slide.  That's just what they did with this one. It's at the
Estrella Mountain Community Center and features an open-air slide and
an enclosed tube. Tracy is pretty sure she would get claustrophobic in the
enclosed tube.


Kathy said...

Too cool! Aw, Tracy, I'll go down the tube with you and hold your hand. I'll bet it's bigger on the inside than it looks.

Brian Miller said...

nice. i wanna play on the was smoking hot here yesterday, coulda used this. smiles.

Small City Scenes said...

What an interesting idea. I don't know if I would want to go inside the tube either. MB

Rob and Mandy said...

It is different!
Thanks for visiting our blog, Tracy! About the Nestle cats, what I could find out is that the painter was John Hassall, and he painted them between 1893 and 1924.

Hilda said...

I think I would do. This is the first water slide I've seen that's fully enclosed.