Monday, April 12, 2010

More Desert Blooms

These are more of the cactus blooms and wildflowers at Estrella Mountain Community College. They were so beautiful I couldn't resist pulling over and taking a picture.


Kathy said...

I would love a walking tour of Roosevelt some early Saturday or Sunday morning before the heat of the day and when parking is available in that area. I was looking through some archived photos a moment ago and saw a doorway you would love from a church in that area.

Re your photo today: I would come to a screeching halt too to jump out and see this cactus in bloom. I must be walking with my chin up these days because the only cactus blooms I've noticed are cholla!

Brian Miller said...

oh wow the color in them is magnificent...have a wonderful monday!

lizziviggi said...

GORGEOUS! I love the pink and yellow against that dusky green.

J Bar said...

They are beautiful.
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Kcalpesh said...

Lovely delicate flowers blooming among the thorns.. Nice capture!

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