Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Desert

Every desert
is but an orphaned beach,
abandoned long ago
by ancient seas.
Thirsty sands
that still dream
of ocean embraces.

(From the poem The Desert by Rev. Bill McDonald) 


Kathy said...

Yep, I do like your new template!
Also like today's pic. If it ever stops raining, I may try to get up on the side of North Mountain (I'm a hiker NOT) to get a cool desert shot like this.

Brian Miller said...

dang...nice poem...and the pic plays so well...there is life in teh desert, just waiting...

Kathy said...

Love that poem, love that desert! xxoo

Jarart said...

Beautiful post!

Randy said...

I used to love being outside of the city. You would always run into beautiful places like this.